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Save up to 45% of your fan´s energy consumption now!

Fenergy© - Energy Recovery Turbines

When designing a fan many aspects are taken into account. One of the most important ones is size. The larger the fan´s diameter the more energy efficient it can be. But the larger a fan the more expensive it is and also the more space and, in many cases, the bigger holes in walls and ceilings it needs. Lesson is: The best possible fan for a certain building or situation is never the most efficient fan!

To make the fan work it has to push air through itself. To do so, a motor with propeller attached is consuming energy to accelerate the air around it. In result the air has now been moved from inside your building to the outside, or through your machines. But once the air leaves your fan or building, depending on the setup, the airspeed it is not needed anymore - None the less it is still carrying lots of kinetic energy due to its speed.
-> Today this energy is lost due to friction with the air outside. You can feel that kinetic energy sometimes even more than 10 m away from the fans!

This is where SkyWind´s Fenergy turbines kick in. Our turbines are fitted just outside your fan´s housing or the pipe the air is beeing blown through. A very efficient turbine is now reconverting as much energy as possible without imposing a resistance to the airstream - about 45% of the airstream´s energy. This energy is now converted into AC and fed back into the energy supply of your building. The capacity of your fan remains the same but the energy consumption is cut in half!

SkyWind is not only the developer of the worlds most advanced micro wind turbine. With our great experience in efficient small wind turbines we are also providing customized fan turbines for your business. Each Fan Recovery System is customized for your specific fans. This way the turbines can be mounted within very short time and the costs remain low since the power and size of each turbine is not larger than it has to be. This is making our systems not only energy efficient but also very cost efficient.

Many businesses worldwide rely on proper ventilation or cooling for their success. Often the energy needed to power those units makes up for a major part of their operational cost. But anyone passing the airstreams coming out of those fans can feel how much energy is lost in the process today.


You have more than 50 fans operational? You spent lots of money every month for ventilation and/or cooling?
Then with SkyWind Fan Recovery Technology you can harness this excess power and safe up to 45% of your energy immediatly!

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